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  Mossflower hail from West Auckland and organized their own concerts as no promoter would give them an audition. Initially supported by their High School friends, their reputation as a hard rocking band with a solid, tight sound and great song writing talents spread and they found themselves increasing asked when their CD was coming out. Since no record company talent scout had materialized with an offer, they hired a studio and Auckland's then top Producer and set to work."Green" is the result of that effort and it proves just how talented they are.
One song needed something "special" and on hearing the Hari Krishna's playing their bells in Queen Street (Auckland main street), they knew what it needed. They asked the young men on the street if they would play their bells on a track for the album they were recording. The young men agreed and when they arrived at the studio, they had the Spiritual leader of the New Zealand Movement with them. "The Calling" was the result and it's very different and exciting.
  Mossflower's only disappointment was being mistaken for being a rock band from Ireland. With the name Mossflower and the album's title "Green", one could forgive non-Aucklanders for coming to this conclusion. The most popular tracks are the  title track "Green" and "The Calling" along with "Spider Dies". A very interesting, world class album worthy a serious look at if you are into hard rock (not metal).

The Line up is: Paul Barrett (lead guitar, vocals and dominate songwriter), Jarred Kahi (rhythm guitar, vocals and songwriting - track 10), Cole Goodley (drums and percussion) and Luke Marygold (bass guitar and cello). Another, non-Band Member, Joel Peters, contributed his songwriting abilities to tracks 3, 9 and 11.

TCD 4039 - "Green" - 634479871740
Song: "Foreign Land" - Mossflower "Green"
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