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  Based in Spain, Mauribatero plays "live" all across Europe and is a singer / song writer who's music and songs inspire us all. While singing most of his songs in Spanish, Mauribatero also offers a selection of songs sung in English as well.
Despues de la vida
(After Life) - TCD 4046

  Mauribatero is a Musician from Rosario, Argentina, who started his musical career in Southern California aged just 9, studying the Violin and Trumpet and a year later settled with Drums for the next four years.
  On reaching his 12th Birthday, Mauribatero had returned to Rosario in Argentina, and begun playing in a number of Bands with his Father and Brother while also studying the Keyboard and writing his songs. By the time he was 20, Mauribatero had started working in a Recording Studio he co-owned with his Father and Brother.
  From then, he has participated in the recordings of local Bands and Artists. On turning 32, Mauribatero crossed the Atlantic to settle in Barcelona, Spain and work right across Europe. Today, Mauribatero has just released his second Album for Tree Records.
  Mauribatero's skills as a Drummer are also in such demand that he performs "live" as a Member of four different Bands, each specialising in a different Style.
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  Note this Site in Spanish.
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Artist's Profile (In Spanish) :
* "Despues de la vida" Album at iTunes HERE
* Mauribatero's Album at eMusic HERE
* Mauribatero's Album at AMAZON mp3 HERE
* Mauribatero's Album at Lala HERE.
Above: Mauribatero's brand newest Video at You Tube now!
Sound Clips & Downloads
Amado Silencio (Beloved Silence). - TCD 4059
Above: Mauribatero in action on the Drums
Left : Mauribatero in action "live".
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* "Amado Silencio" Album at iTunes HERE
"Amado Silencio" Album
may also be found at:

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Above: Mauribatero Interviewed in the UK (English)
Mauribatero Interviewed in Spain (Spanish)
Mauribatero's drum solo
demonstrates his skills
as a Drummer.
"I Won't Let You Go" was used in a TV Show in Spain.
Mauribatero is one of Europe's top performers. He's a musician, singer and Record Producer
in his own right!
Song: "Together" - Amado Silencio (in English)