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Meet Dene Kellaway
  Dene's first taste of Show Biz came when he was just 10 years old when Playwrite Austin Savell asked if he would be interested in playing the role of Harland in the Levin Little Theatre's production of "Life With Father" which also featured noted actor Hartland Bull as Harland's oldest brother.
  Dene started the traditional piano lessons when he turned 7 and like most young boys, he hated it at first but soon found he could create his own tunes with the skills he'd learnt.

Dene Kellaway wears many hats but this page is about his music.
By the mid Sixties, with The Beatles taking the world by storm, Dene was busy writing pop songs on the piano and making Audition tapes at the HMV Studios in Wellington for the local Record companies, hoping to be signed. While that never happened, Dene met and worked with HMV's Engineer Frank Douglas, little realising that before the Decade was over, the two men would be a 'team' producing winning pop singles for other artists.

  Dene moved to Wellington at the start of 1965 when The Moody Blues hit #1 in NZ with "Go Now".
It did not take long for Dene to be performing 'live' on Friday and Saturday Nights at several Dance Halls including The Hideaway and Danceland. He guested, singing a bracket of 6 songs, usually several Beatles' hits and always opening with Tom Jones' "It's Not Unusual" and ending with The Troggs' "Wild Thing".

  He also found himself fronting a local Cable TV channel back home in Levin on Friday nights and at two local A&P Shows. He gave Mr Lee Grant his first TV interview and Lee mimmed to his first record just released. Lee's next TV appearance was as a resident singer for NZTV-1's new "C'mon" show hosted by Pete Sinclair.

  Dene's largest audiences were at the "Teenage Night Of The Year" Shows with thousands present. He appeared on the same bill as Jim McNaught, The Librettos and Mr Lee Grant. The show also had Pete Sinclair as 'the Host'. Pete and the 'stars' travelled around NZ and rest of the 'cast' were local bands and singers at each show.

Dene's On Stage
image was always 'MOD'
thanks to Jerry at His Lordships
in Wellington.
  In 1968 Dene was asked to make a single for the newly formed Apollo Recording Co. Dene paid for the studio session and Apollo pressed the discs. The NZBC would not buy or play the record but when the owner of the Apollo Label left New Zealand, the recording surfaced in Australia where it is perported to have made the Top 10 in Sydney. Dene has no evidence of this other than the word of an old School friend who was living and working in Sydney at the time.

  Then there was a long 'gap' when Dene was busy with editing magazines and producing other peoples' recordings. Then in 1993 he purchased a Korg Wavestation, a DAT Recorder and a mixing console. Whenever he was in the mood to tickle the ivories, he'd turn the DAT Recorder on and just play. This process went on over a period of two years and resulted in enough material for about three Albums.

  In November 2008, Dene finally designed a cover, put together eight tracks that represented his range of material well and issued the Album "Journeys" exclusively at the website where the Buyers decide it's worth. With the Global Distribution deal with The Orchard, Dene made a final few changes and issued "Journeys" through The Orchard's network of Sellers.

  When Tree and The Orchard parted company, the Album vanished and is just now re-Issued on the Bloomfield Label via Catapult Distribution.

"Andrew's Theme" was composed for a young friend who suffered serious brain damage in a road accident in 2000.  It was supplied to his Care Givers who played to him often. He died unexpectedly in November, 2011.

Journeys  - Bloomfield BCD 2114

"Journeys" is a collection of instrumentals
that take the listener on a series of relaxing 'Journeys'.
Dene's Recordings
AP 101      If I Didn't Have A Dime - pop vocal   (7")
TCD 4032  If I Didn't Have A Dime -  (CD Comp)
Kiwi Made Music Vol.1 - pop vocal
TCD 4034  Hot To Rock - (CD Comp)
Kiwi Made Music Vol 2. - pop vocals and keyboard
BCD 2114  Journeys - Easy Listening Instrumentals

  Dene with regulation Army Haircut, photographed by the Levin Chronicle Newspaper holding an Accetate of his forth coming Single. This photo was taken just a few days before the NZ Army transported him to Camp for his 14 weeks National Service training.

A chubby faced Dene at 10 in "Life With Father" for The Levin Little Theatre.Dene's at bottom right in this "Theatrical 'Family" portrait.
  A Press photo (1968) published in both the "NZ Woman's Weekly" and "Playdate" magazines to promote the Apollo release of "If I Didn't Have A Dime".

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