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Meet Bob Keeton
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Bob Keeton's Music
TCD 4035 - Stronger  - pop / rock / funky jazz / vocals
TCD 4042 - Perfection - pop / rock / vocals
TCS 2110 - Dust In The Wind - pop/rock Single
TCS 2114 - Black Cat - pop/rock Single
recorded for the "Perfections" album but didn't really fit in with the rest of the Album. Tree has released it now as it's a great song for all Friday the 13's.

  Bob have been gigging around Wellington (the Capitol of New Zealand) as a Keyboard Player for just over 15 years. His work has also included playing solo piano in  the local cocktail bars and leading restaurants and he have also played with a few funk/jazz groups, cover rockers, theatre orchestras as well as several swing/dance bands, the most popular being the Benj Berryman Hiptet back in the 1990's.
  During 2007 he worked in a Joe Cocker tribute band called simply "Hitchcock Railway" which was a lot of fun. He has always loved music and picked up a guitar very young, which was his passion until he turned 18.
  Heading off to Victoria University to continue his Education, he enrolled in the Classical Music programme as they did not have Courses on Rock'n'Roll or Jazz. This introduced him to the piano and of course, the techniques and styles of music's structures and forms. It has proved an invaluable training for him and he completed a Degree on Music Composition.
  In 2003 hemade an album of his own material whitch he started composing back in the 1990's. A strictly private project, he sold all the pressings at his gigs and approached a number of local record shops about stocking it too. It was here (at Wonderland Records) that he met Dene Kellaway who was very excited about the album and it turned out he owned a record label called Tree.
He signed Bob up in 2007. A major make-over of the cover came next and suddenly the album had been titled "Stronger" and launched Globally as a diital release and supplied to 27 global mp3 downloading sites like iTunes, eMusic, Spotify and many more On-Line Stores..
  After a slow start, things picked up in 2008 and the title song "Stronger" made it into Tree's Top 20 Digital Sales Charts. He found the new way music is sold and delivered, alien having grown up with first records, then compact discs but the pace continued to increase during the last part of 2008 and I he worked with Chris Adams in the UK on the Single "Dust In The Wind" and completed his second Album "Perfection" , which was released in late September, 2009, as a digital release on Tree.
  With his Mother becoming seriously ill and needing full time care, Bob stopped his musical career to care for her. She has since passed away and Bob is back performing and giving piano lessons We can expect to hear more from Bob in the future..
Bob Keeton is an accomplished pianist, composer, arranger and singer who's style can best be described as a 'darker' version of Elton John as his music has a spark of funky jazz to it which breaks out every so often.

Bob completed a joint project with the British Guitarist, Composer, Chris Adams doing a cover of "Dust In The Wind"

  Then he was not active for a few years as he cared for his ill Mother, his new Single "Black Cat" was a left-over track
Listen To Bob Keeton's Album "Perfection" Below:
  Bob Keeton is a New Zealand artist based in
the capital city of Wellington and records all
his own music himself under the name
Q-Labs Productions.
  Clearly the name Bob Keeton will become better known both globally as well as in New Zealand and his ability to blend in with others will ensure he finds himself working more and more with other International Stars. It could be said
that Bob Keeton is an Artists' Artist simply because they recognise his huge
talents as a composer, pianist and performer.
Influenced By These Artists
  The Beatles
  The Kinks
  The Rolling Stones
  David Bowie
  Sting and The Police
  Marc Bolan
  The Bee Gees
  Ray Charles
  Elton John (early)
  Bob Dylan
  Leon Russell
  Joe Cocker
  Burton Cummings
  The Guess Who
  Randy Bachmann
  Roy Wood
  Jeff Lynne and Steve Marriot.
You can add to that list too:
Jethro Tull
Frank Zappa
Jimmy Webb
The Eagles
Neil Young
Deep Purple
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November, 2009 @
  Being a working musician, he tends to work in the background with others but once the World realises just how talented he is, he will have finally made it as a Singer, musician and composer of interesting songs.
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Note: "Dust In The Wind" can be found under Chris Adams at iTunes.
Bob Keeton
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Bob Keeton Is A Kiwi & Talented Composer / Musician / Singer
Song: Black Cat - Bob Keeton Release Date Oct 14, 2015