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Nick Johns is primarily a singer. He grew up singing with garage bands through his teenage years and never took it all too seriously. Just having fun and partying like most youths.
Nick also ran a musicians jam night at a local hotel which, over a period of three and a half years, built into not only a successful venture, but a great social event on a weekly basis. Nick made many friends during those three or so years, many feature in his recordings. In late 2004 Nick had had enough of the city life, and made the decision to sell up his home in suburbia to invest in a caravan and travel. Setting out and leaving his family and friends behind was a strange feeling and at sometimes lonely. But it was during these next few years that Nick would grow on a personal level, as a writer and musician.
In october 2005 Nick met his now wife Nadja. It was quite an experience. Spiritually, emotionally, a growing experience for these two human beings. They set off travelling together two weeks after first meeting. To cut a long story short they are still together and their life itself has been inspiration to pen many a song.
Nick has written songs fuelled by love, anger, hurt, pride and many other emotions or situations in his life or experience. Nick owes a lot of his persistance and drive for music to his wife, close friends and fellow musicians, especially his long time friend and brother in music Shane Pitt who always believed in Nicks ability to create. Nick hopes to keep writing and recording for many years to come. His dream is to hear his songs on the radio or in a movie, whether they're performed by himself or another artist. His motto is "keep chippin' away at the wall and one day you might just break thru"..........
Nick Johns
It wasn't til' a work accident left him housebound that he decided to return to his earlier love. Frustrated with relying on other musicians to turn up for rehearsals etc. he taught himself to play guitar and started working the pub scene. It wasn't long before he started writing songs while playing covers to make ends meet.
He'd dabbled in writing before but nothing like he proceeded to write. Still working the pub scene as a solo performer and in a duo with guitarist Tim Spencer soon accquired a healthy following and were sought after by many establishments.
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Nick Johns - vocals, acoustic guitars, bass, drums and harmonies.
Tim Spencer - electric guitars.
Shane Pitt - keyboards.

Influences: I am influenced by many styles and artists, too many to mention! my love of music drives me and I have many heroes, vocally my mentors include the likes of Paul Rodgers, John Waite, Rob Thomas and the list could go on forever. Guitar heroes are many as well, (love a great solo) love rock music, blues, raw acoustic stuff, basically any music that’s delivered well.

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"Transition" - Nick Johns (TCD 4045)
"Transition" Song List
No More
Path To Better Days
Not Right
Same Book
Beneath The Burning Sun
With You
Where I Wanna Be
Path To Better Days (piano version)
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