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Andy Hearn lives in Blackpool, England and is perhaps the closest songwriting talent to John Lennon and Paul McCartney to emerge since the Sixties.
What's so special about Andy's talent is it's natural. He's not trying to be 'anyone' but himself. Many fans compare him to The Beatles, Oasis and The Stone Roses.
Andy Hearn
It all started ten years ago when Andy started writing his own songs as a hobby. In 2007 he recorded a number of his better songs as Demos and posted them on MySpace to see what people thought of them. The responses were all very positive and encouraging. 2008 saw some local (British) press coverage and the first Radio Airplays with "Random Act Of Kindness" being played on Mood Radio as his songs continued to gather a lot more interest from people appreciating what Andy was trying to put together.
The increasing level of International support at MySpace encouraged him to continue writing even more songs and upgrading his recording equipment. Armed with a new Mic and some helpful tips from a friend, he has arrived at this moment in time...a recording artist / songwriter with a contract with Tree
Records and the digital release of his first Single in 2010. Now his much awaited Album is out and the long wait will have been well worth it. The 14 tracks include new material written as recently as a few month's ago and older songs re-recorded and re-vamped.
While all of the above mentioned Artists' recordings can be found in Andy's Music Collection, Andy says that when he's writing his songs, other peoples' music is rarely on his mind. In fact, Andy tells us, if a song starts sounding too much like somebody else's material, he scraps the song and starts again.
Being English, based in the North West, it's clear Andy has the same 'feel' for music as those other British Bands. It's therefore logical that his material will hold a similar 'sound' and 'style' as them. The World calls that 'style' British Beat. So if you love that British Beat sound, you'll find Andy Hearn a delight to listen to.
Andy is developing rapidly under the wings of Tree Records and his first Album, "It's Gonna Be Alright", is a joint venture with American Artist
Brandon Kinross and his  old  British friends Dave Farrar and Chris Adams, who by the way, also Mastered this new release.
The impressive skills of both Chris Adams and Bob Keeton, along with Andy's old friend Dave Farrar have all contributed to the rapid developement of Andy as a Star.

Andy's Single was recorded in the UK and New Zealand and Mastered in New Zealand whilst the Album was recorded in both the UK and USA and Mastered in Scotland by Chris Adams..

Andy Hearn
Andy Hearn
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About The Album:
  Andy's first digital Album release has been a long time coming. It had to be "right" and Tree had great difficulty finding the right Musicians for the task. After many false starts, Andy tried out Brandon Kinross in America. The first 'demo' backing was perfect and a new Partnership was established.
  The mix of songs is balanced with slightly more new songs than old ones and the older songs have been re-vamped, re-arranged and are sounding excitingly fresh and new too.
* Andy's Single "Electric Dreams" at iTunes (UK) HERE
* Andy's "It's Gonna Be Alright" at iTunes (UK) HERE
*  Fan Realm Review Listed HERE
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Andy Hearn is a singer/songwriter from Blackpool, UK. I reviewed his EP Electric Dreams last year so I was excited to get the new album to review. I have long been a fan of his Lennonesque style. For It’s Gonna Be Alright, Andy got together with some very talented musicians, Brandon Kinross, Chris Adams and Dave Farrar. Together, they have turned out a fantastic album.

The songs tell tales of love and loss and life. From the smooth, layback Home To You to the upbeat It’s Gonna Be Alright and on down the track list you’ll soon find yourself singing along with them. Free Your Mind and Destiny’s Calling are both outstanding also but if I had to pick a favorite it would have to be One More Star to Shine. Check them out for yourself. Scroll down and enjoy to the samples!

If you’re a fan of the early Beatles you’ll love this album. It’s available on Spotify, Amazon and ITunes. Give Andy Hearn's
New Album
"It's Gonna Be Alright"
An Excellent Review:
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as the Review HERE
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Andy Hearn is a British Songwriter and doesn't  perform "live".
On These
Song: "Destiny Calling" - Andy Hearn - (TCD 4055)