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Tree Record's material on offer in the Digital Mp3 Formats can be Downloaded from these Sites. Please note not ALL Sites have ALL our Products so you may have to do a "Search" first on your favourite Site.  Alternatively visit the Tree Records Site at CD Baby HERE
Agua De Amar - Mauribatero
Abstract Agreement  -  Mossflower
Ahora Que No Estas  -  Javier Ballester
A Kiss Of Jezebel   -   Bob Keeton
Alma Herida  -  Mauribatero
Amanecer  -  Mauribatero
A Moving Silence   -  Newton
Andrew's Theme  -  Dene Kellaway
Ascending - Chris Adams
As I Appear -  Haystack
As The Crow Flies To Babylon  Bob Keeton
Attitude  -  Nick Johns
Beneath The Burning Sun -  Nick Johns
Better Things   -  Bob Keeton 
Blue Underwear  -  Bob Keeton
Born To Love You -  Andy Hearn
Bright Boy   -  Haystack
Carol Of The Bells  -  Jim Carter
Children Of The Future  - Marc Ludeman
Chocolate Salty Balls  -  C.G. Keyz
City Of Gold - Chris Adams & Randy Joe Galloway 
Colour Blind   -  The Group
Colour My World  - Jim Carter
Conocerte - Mauribatero
Cooler Autumn Days  -  Dene Kellaway
December Rain  - Marc Joseph Ludeman
Destiny Calling -  Andy Hearn
Diddle, Diddle, Dumplin'   -  Peter Caulton & Friends
Distant Horizon  -  Bob Keeton  
Don't Wake Me In The Morning  -  Newton
Drift Away  -  Jim Carter
Ebeneezer -  Haystack
Eight Favourite Stories  -  Mossflower
El Adios  -  Mauribatero
El Purgatorio - Mauribatero
Electric Dreams  -  Andy Hearn
Estas Hecha Para Mi  -  Mauribatero
Eternal Paradise - Mauribatero
Everybody Wants To Be Somebody Else - Peter
  Caulton And Friends
Fading To Black  -  Laurence Cooper 
Floating Leaves - Luke Thomas
Foreign Land -  Mossflower
Forget The Rose -  Bob Keeton
Forty Years Ago  -  Bob Keeton
Free Your Mind  -  Andy Hearn
Freeze -  Chris Adams
Friends Of Mine - Haystack
Gethesemenee  - Chris Adams 
Get On The Line - Harlequinns 
Get To The Top -  Bob Keeton
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen -  Jim Carter
Goin' South  - Laurence Cooper
Going Down Slow -  Laurence Cooper
Goodbye Genius -  Mossflower
Grasshoppers  -  Bob Keeton
Green -  Mossflower
Harmony - Chris Adams
Hiding In The Detail  -  Bob Keeton
Home To You -  Andy Hearn
Hot To Rock (Dance Version)  -  Dene Kellaway
Hurry On Home  -  Harleqiunns
Hush My Child  -  Dene Kellaway
Icarus  -  Bob Keeton
I Feel Alright - Mauribatero
If I Didn't Have A Dime  -  Dene Kellaway
If I Were A Carpenter  -  After-Glo
I'm Living It Up  -  Marc Joseph Ludeman
Indestructible -  Nick Johns
In From The Outside  -  Laurence Cooper
In The End  - Marc Ludeman
Inside -  Mossflower
I Remember - Luke Thomas
I Shall Be Released  -  After-Glo
Isolation Electric Candyland -  Bob Keeton
It's All Inside  - Mauribatero
It's Gonna Be Alright -  Andy Hearn
It's Too Late  -  Aardvark
I Want To Break Free  - Javier Ballester
I Won't Let You Go - Mauribatero
Joy To The World  -  Jim Carter
Jubal - Chris Adams
Kiss Your Smile -  Laurence Cooper
Leave Me Alone  - Marc Ludeman
Leave Me, Free Me -  Haystack
Let There Be Time  -  Haystack
Let's Go To London -  Haystack
Letter From The Trenches  -  Bob Keeton
Little White Lie  - Marc Ludeman
Loco De Atar Por Ti  - Javier Ballester
Long Live Love Tonight  -  Andy Hearn
Looking For The Goodtimes  - Marc Ludeman
Looking For Tomorrow  -  Bob Keeton
Looking For Your Smile -  Andy Hearn
Lo Que Daria Por Tenerte A Mi Lado - Mauribatero
Love, Peace & Contentment  -  Dene Kellaway
Luminous World -  Laurence Cooper
Mean Green  - Marc Ludeman
Melody Fayre  -  Random Thoughts
Mississippi Paddleboat  - Lianne & The Wedge
Mind  - Mossflower
Made In The USA  -  Marc Joseph Ludeman
Mereces Ser Feliz - Mauribatero
Mi Amor Es Tuyo  -  Mauribatero
Mist -  Laurence Cooper

Here is the current List of songs available for Downloading from the mp3 Music Sites listed on this page.
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Molly Don't Know  -  Andy Hearn
More Than My Share  - Mossflower
Motorway Madness -  Aardvark
My Girlfriend Vanessa Pt 1  - Marc Ludeman
My Girlfriend Vanessa Pt 2  - Marc Ludeman
My Love Is For You  -  Lianne & The Wedge
My Music Is My Lover Tonight   -  Jim Carter
My Salzberg  -  Chris Adams
My Satellite Marks Your Spot  -  Bob Keeton
My World Keeps Changin' - Peter Caulton / M Marsden
Nature's Song  -  Mauribatero
Never Said That  -  Marc Joseph Ludeman
Nigel  -  Haystack
Night Games  -  Laurence Cooper
No More - Nick Johns
No Reason  - Haystack
Not Right  -  Nick Johns
Numb -  Nick Johns
Number One  -  Bob Keeton
One More Star To Shine  -  Andy Hearn
One Night Stand  - Marc Joseph Ludeman
Open Up Your Mind  -  Andy Hearn
Open Up Your Mind (Instrumental)  - Andy Hearn
Out In The Cold  -  Supernatural Blues Band
Pagan Dance  Dene Kellaway
Path To Better Days  -  Nick Johns
Path To Better Days (Piano) - Nick Johns
People In The Night  - The Group
Perfection  -  Bob Keeton
Phosphorescence  -  Laurence Cooper
Pickin' White Gold  -  Peter Caulton & Midge Marsden
Primer Dia Sin Ti  -  Javier Ballester
Por Ser Sincero - Mauribatero
Poured Out (Instrumental)  -  Chris Adams
Public Enemy Number One  -  Bob Keeton
Red Beach  -  Supernatural Blues Band
Remember When We Were Kings  - Marc J Ludeman
Round And Around -  Laurence Cooper
Sail On Sailor  -  Jim Carter
Sailing By -  Laurence Cooper
Same Book -  Nick Johns
Secret Hideaway  - Marc Joseph Ludeman
Set A Date  -  Laurence Cooper
Shades Of Grey -  Chris Adams
She Got The Money  - Marc Ludeman
She Takes You There  -  Andy Hearn
Simply Romantic -  Jim Carter
Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay  -  Jim Carter
Sixteen Tons  -  Jim Carter
Slip-N-Slide  - Marc Ludeman
Something About You - Marc Ludeman
Sometimes  -  Marc Joseph Ludeman
Spanish Blues -  Gutbucket
Spider Dies  - Mossflower
Steffanie -  Andy Hearn
Still Of Night -   Chris Adams
Stop The Lying  - Mauribatero
Storm Birds  -  Laurence Cooper
Stronger -  Bob Keeton
Summertime  -  Jim Carter
Sunshine  - Mossflower
Talk About Love  - Marc Ludeman
Talk Talk  -  Marc Ludeman
Take Me Away  -  Marc Joseph Ludeman
Te Quiero Conmigo - Javier Ballester
Tell The World  -  Dene Kellaway
That's A Nice Suit -  Bob Keeton
The Ballad Of Emmett Long  - Marc Ludeman (ATM)
The Calling  - Mossflower
The Dreamtime  -  Dene Kellaway
The Fine Line  -  Chris Adams
The First Free Jazz Millionaire Part 2  - Bob Keeton
The Little Drummer Boy -  Jim Carter
The Look  -  Bob Keeton
This One's For You  -  Andy Hearn
The Only Living Boy In New York  -  Random Thoughts
The Trouble -  Random Thoughts
This Good Feeling - Haystack
This Good Harvest  -  Dene Kellaway
This Sad Song - Luke Thomas
Through The Gates -  Laurence Cooper
Till Tomorrow  -  Haystack
Time Out  -  Haystack
Tierra Mojada  - Javier Ballester
Together - Mauribatero
Tonight - Luke Thomas
Under The Shadows -  Chris Adams
Untitled  -  Mossflower
Vehicle  -  Jim Carter
Volver A Vivir  - Javier Ballester
Waiting -  Laurence Cooper
Walkin' In Memphis  - Jim Carter
We'll Keep Rocking  - Marc Ludeman
We've Come A Long, Long Way  -  Haystack
When You Go Away  -  After-Glo
Where I Wanna Be  -  Nick Johns
Wild About You  - Rick Bryant & Gutbucket
Wishing On A Star  -  Andy Hearn
With You  - Nick Johns
Wooden Toys  - Mossflower
Working for The FBI  -  Marc Joseph Ludeman
You Ain't Got Nothin' On Me  -  Bob Keeton
You Got Me Now  -  Andy Hearn
You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling -  Jim Carter
Full Albums come complete with artwork included.
CD Baby stock  & sell both the Compact Disc & Digital formats and feature
profiles & sound samplings.

KIWI MADE MUSIC - Vol. 1 - VARIOUS ARTISTS (1968 - 1972) pop/blues TCD4032
KIWI MADE MUSIC - Vol. 2 - VARIOUS ARTISTS (1972 - 1977) pop / c&w  TCD4034
STRONGER  - BOB KEETON   (2007)  rock and funky jazz - TCD4035               
PHOSPHORESCENCE  - LAURENCE COOPER  (2007)  acoustic pop  - TCD4036
AS WE APPEAR  - HAYSTACK  (1977) progressive country rock  - TCD4037
JOURNEYS  -  DENE KELLAWAY  (2009) Instrumentals, easy listening - TCD 4038
GREEN  -  MOSSFLOWER (1996) hard rock  - TCD 4039
56 COOPERS LANE  -  LAURENCE COOPER (1998) EP -  rock / blues - TCD 4041
PERFECTION  -  BOB KEETON (2009) - pop / rock / vocals -  TCD 4042
DAYDREAMER - JIM CARTER  (2008) 60's Pop / Rock - TCD 4044
TRANSITION - NICK JOHNS (2009) Rock / Vocals - TCD 4045
ELECTRIC DREAMS - ANDY HEARN (2010) Pop / Rock / Vocals - TCS 2111
I WANT TO BREAK FREE - JAVIER BALLESTER (2011) Pop/ Rock/ Vocals - TCS 2113
THE BALLAD OF EMMETT LONG  - MARC LUDEMAN (2011)  c & w /Americana / Vocals 
THE SONS OF EDEN - MARC LUDEMAN (2011)  Rock / Americana / Vocals - TCD 4050
ELECTRIFIERS  -  CHRIS ADAMS (2011) Guitar Instruments Album  - TCD 4054
IT'S GONNA BE ALRIGHT  -  ANDY HEARN (2011)  Singer/Songwriter Brit Beat - TCD 4055
CHRISTMAS 2  -  JIM CARTER  (2011)  Christmas Instrumentals - Seasonal  - TCD 4056
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(2011)  TCD 2113
Floating Leaves / I Remember  / This Sad Song / Tonight.
(2011)  ESS 6661
Chocolate Salty Balls  (Explicit)
You can hear all these songs at the Music Sites listed
CAUSE I LOVE YOU - Marc Ludeman
(TCS 2112)