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TREE RECORDS glass mastered Compact Disc Range is featured here along with a full list of every Title issued by Tree since May 1969 (both on vinyl and CD)
TREE 3     Out In The Cold  -   The Supernatural Blues Band
               c/w Red Beach  Blues
TREE 4     The Trouble   -  Random Thoughts
               c/w Out Of Your Mind   Pop
TREE 5     Mississippi Paddleboat   -   Lianne
               c/w My Love Is For You   Pop
TREE 6     People In The Night   -   The Group
               c/w Colour Blind   Pop
TREE 7     Wild About You   -   Rick Bryant & Gutbucket
               c/w Spanish Blues   Blues 
TREE 8     The Only Living Boy In NY  -  Random Thoughts
               c/w Melody Fayre   Pop
TREE 9     A Moving Silence   -   Newton
               c/w Don't Wake Me In The Morning   Folk / Ballad
TREE 10   Diddle, Diddle, Dumplin'   -   Peter Caulton
               c/w Everyone Want To Be Somebody Else   Country
TREE 11   Hurry On Home    -   The Harelquins
               c/w Get On The Line   Pop
TREE 12   I Shall Be Released  -    After-Glo
               c/w When You Go Away    Pop
TREE 13   Pickin' White Gold - Peter Caulton & Midge Marsden
               c/w My World Keeps Changin'  Country
TREE 14   If I Were A Carpenter     -   After-Glo
               c/w Keep The Customer Satisfied   Pop
TREE 15   Colour Blind     -   Pisces People
               c/w People In The Night    Pop
TREE 16   Motorway Madness   -    Aardvark
               c/w It's Too Late   Pop / Jazz
TREE 17   Bright Boy   -    Haystack
               c/w Ebeneezer   Prog Country 
7" 45rpm Picture Cover E.P.
TREP-3      Blues   Compilation / Supernatural & Gutbucket (  Blues )
TREP-4      The Only Living Boy In N.Y. Random Thoughts
                 All 4 tracks from their Singles     60's Pop
TREP-5      Pickin' White Gold   Peter Caulton  (C&W)
                 all 4 tracks from his Singles).

12" 33rpm Vinyl Albums
TRLC 3    La Paloma                             Sylvia Bonallack
                Selection of Spanish classics     Classical Guitar
TRLC 4    Greensleeves                         Sylvia Bonallack
               Selection of tunes for the Lute     Classical Guitar

TRLP 3    Tree Toppers                           Compilation
              12 tracks from Tree's Singles        Various - 1960's
TRLP 4     As We Appear                          Haystack
               Original, full 'concept' album        Prog Country
                 All 4 tracks from the Singles       Country
Includes Albums Distributed By Tree Distribution for Independent Artists (which have the IAT 1000 Series Catalogue Numbers.

TCD 4032       Kiwi Made Music  Volume 1
                     Various Artists (1968-1972)
TCD 4034       Kiwi Made Music Volume 2
                     Various Artists (1972-1977)
TCD 4039       Green
                     Mossflower - Alternative Rock
TCD 4040        Under The Northern Lights
                      Chris Adams - Classical Rock
IAT 1001        Let The Mutilation Begin
                     Psyclops - Heavy Metal
IAT 1008        Different Bodies : Different Minds
                     Ignatia  - Atlernative Rock
IAT 1009        Rust
                     Nadir  -  Heavy Metal
IAT 1012        Not Even
                     Eleven  - Hard Rock
RIFF 001        Then Again
                     Surge   -  Hard Rock & R&B mixture
TNZcd904      The Man With The Crooked Ear
                     The Madding Crowd  - Alternative

Products are currently only issued as Digital Files for downloads from the Sites listed below. CD Baby also sell a large number of hard copy CD Albums as well HERE.

TCD-4032   Kiwi Made Music Vol.1   - Various NZ Artists  (pop/blues)               TCD-4034   Kiwi Made Music Vol. 2 - Various NZ Artists    (c&w/pop)               TCD-4035   STRONGER   - Bob Keeton  (pop/rock/funky jazz mix)
TCD-4036   PHOSPHORESCENCE - Laurence Cooper (chill-out)
TCD-4037   AS WE APPEAR - Haystack (prog. country rock)
TCD-4038   JOURNEYS - Dene Kellaway (keyboard easy listening)
TCD-4039   GREEN -  Mossflower (hard rock)
TCD-4042    PERFECTION - Bob Keeton (ballads/pop/rock)
TCD-4044    DAYDREAMER - Jim Carter (pop/rock/vocals)
TCD-4045    TRANSITION - Nick Johns (rock / vocals)
TCD-4046    DESPUES DE LA VIDA (AFTER LIFE) - Mauribatero
TCD 4049    VOLER A VIVIR - Javier Ballester (Spanish pop)
TCD-4050    THE SONS OF EDEN - Marc Ludeman (rock)
TCD-4051    REMEMBER WHEN WE WERE KINGS - Marc Ludeman (rock)
TCD-4052    CHRISTMAS 2 - Jim Carter  (classic christmas songs)
TCD-4053    IT'S GONNA BE ALRIGHT -  Andy Hearn (british beat/pop)
TCD-4054    AMADO SILENCIA - Mauriberto rock/dance/Enlglish/Spanish)
TCD-4055   RUNNING BACK TO AMSTERDAM - Marc Ludeman (rock)
TCD-4056   INTERNAL RHYTHM - Marc Ludeman (rock)

TCS 2110    DUST IN THE WIND - Bob Keeton and Chris Adams
TCS-2111    ELECTRIC DREAMS - Andy Hearn (Brit pop)
TCS-2113    I WANT TO BE FREE - Javier Ballester (pop / rock)
TCS-2114    THE BALLAD OF EMMETT LONG - Marc Ludeman (ballad)
TCS-2115    CAUSE I LOVE YOU - Marc Ludeman (pop/rock)
TCS-2116    BLACK CAT - Bob Keeton (jazzy pop)
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Tree's first release was issued with 100 only picture sleeves as shown left.
It sold out of stock in just 7 hours of it's May 1969, Release.
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How Tree's 7" Vinyl Singles looked in
1972 - designed by Gavin Thornley
Tree's original label and sleeve for 7" Vinyl Singles 1969-1971.
Tune: Spanish Blues - Gutbucket  ( the B side to "WIld About You" Single)
Tree Records started as a Blues Label in 1969 when the Blues were popular on the Campus at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand. It soon added the Mainstream
Pop and Rock in the British Beat crazed Era of the Sixties.