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"La Paloma" (BCD 2111)
Meet New Zealand's Classical Guitarist
  Better known these days as Sylvia Pack, Miss Bonallack surprised the Classical Music Establishment when Dene Kellaway produced her first Album, "La Paloma". It was not considerd possible that a Classical Musician based in New Zealand could reach such a high enough standard without first gaining Overseas experience.

  With it's first Release , it both surprised and delighted the Classical Music Lovers, especially the self dueting featured on the final track. The Local Press Critics had positive things to say as well and Sylvia's reputation grew in leaps and bounds as a result.

  However, those in the 'know' were well aware of Sylvia's talents as she had been actively involved with classical music and the Guitar in particular, for many years, having taught the Guitar for many years, performed in Churches and played "live" on the local Radio Stations.

She started playing when she was just 11 years old and is still performing regularily for the Inmates of a Prison in her local area. She married her long time Boyfriend, Steve Pack, shortly after this Album was recorded. Steve owned and managed his own Plastics Factory in Wellington.
Sylvia Bonallack in 1976.
Sylvia Bonallack's
"La Paloma" - Vinyl LP - 1972
"La Paloma" - Digital (BCD 2111) - 2011
"Greensleeves" - Vinyl LP 1976
Tune: "La Paloma" - Sylvia Bonallack  (BCD 2111)
Due For Digital Release on iTunes in 2015
HMV (NZ) Limited's World Record Club also release
"Greensleeves" as the Special in the Classical Music Section in 1977.
"La Paloma" features works by Sor (Minuet in C; Study in B Minor), Milan (Pavanes 1 & 2), Yradier (La Paloma), Tarrega (Lagrima; Adelita; Recurdos de L' Alhambrra), Bach (Bouree; Bouree in E Minor; Sarabande; Minuet), Carcassi (Study in A), Paganni (Romance) and Giuliani (Moderato)
Published in the Wellington "Sports Post" Newspaper
- Saturday Dec 16, 1971
A Duet with herself, using multi-tracking techniques common in pop but rare in the classics, is a feature of a disc by young New Zealand guitarist Sylvia Bonallack.

There are 15 pieces in all and they include Bach (four) and such notable performer-composers as Tarrega (three), Sor (two), and Paganini. The longest tracks only three minutes.

By chance this disc was released con-currently with RCA's LSC 3156, in which Julian Bream plays some of the identical pieces among a programme of Mendelssohn, Paganini, Schubert and Terrega.

A straight comparison between the two would be manifestly unfair, since Mr Bream rates amongst the world's greatest musicians on any instrument. But the timing interesting for Miss Bonallack is more than 30 percent  faster  than  Mr  Bream's are
even where some tricky ornaments are involved.

  Good as it is to see New Zealand artists accepting challenges and refusing to make concessions to technical difficulties - certain world-famous musicians please note - Miss Bonallack's choice of tempo and even of music may be ambitious at this stage. Slower speeds might let her obvious musicianship express itself more fully.

Of the recordings, the New Zealand one, engineered by Mr S. F. Douglas, is the better. Close miking, permitted by the comparative abscence of "birdies" emanating from Miss Bonallack's fingerboard, gives a high signal-to-noise ratio.

RCA needs to eliminate "swingers," for this one does some unconfortable things to Mr Bream's intonation.
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