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  Javier participated in the initial selection of TV Eurovision 2010 competition and his song "Volver a vivir" gained more than 4000 votes.
  This  29  year  old  artist's  style  is  defined  as "Spanish" since  it's  roots  are  distributed between the Provinces of ''Valencian and Alicantino'' .
Javier Ballester began singing at a very early age and studied both music theory and singing techniques at a private Academy in Alicante (Spain).   He first stepped out as a  professional singer in his home town (Valencia) at a charity event held to raise funds for the Cancer Wing of the local Hospital. He sang before an audience of nearly 2000 people. 
  When barely 18, Javier's over-ridding desire to succeed saw him move to Madrid to try his luck on the music scene there and at the same time he crafted his performances to create a 'complete' performance that incorporated the music, the song and his stage 'presenc'e elements. This was the start of his desired dream to do what he loves most of all - to entertain people with his singing.

  Javier spent the next 4 years with the Hidalgo Orchestra and considers that time his first School as it developed and polished his skills as an Artist. He still has very fond memories of that time in his life.
He became involved in a Show featuring Various Artists so he could showcase and bring to light, new talent, like he was ''Hombres G Tribute'' in which Javier was the vocalist. This collaboration proved very important as it completed the Shows' Billings with local Regional talent taken on for each Show as Support Acts to the popular Spanish group ''Modestia aparte''. 

When Javier was 22, he travelled to Hamburg, Germany, where he worked for almost a year in an major German Spectacle Musical which allowed him to perfect and to put into practice the combination of both dance and interpretation.  Javier has gained from this experience and is now an exponent of 'Expressions'' by the well respected Orchestra of Almería which, in the past, has harboured artists of the statue of David Bisbal.

In 2009 Javier was the winner of the TV Show "We Launch You To Fame'' broadcasted by Alhamilla TV in Almería which resulted in signing a contract for the recording and promotion of a CD with a video clip which was promoted by the Chain located in Almería and through other Chains in the remainder of Andalusia. 
Already you can see the video clips of his first year "Te quiero conmigo" (I Feel You) and "Prime dia sin it" (First Day Without You). "Te quiero conmigo" was  composed and produced by Quike Ruiz and Siko Ruiz "Sk Ruiz Producers" whose letter has been adapted for Javier.  "Primer dai sin it"" was composed by the Argentine's Tito Moreti. "Productions olé" has produced the video clips of estascanciónes pop, with very current rhythms and where the singer successfully achieves the right mix of artistic and vocal performances. 

  This release was followed up with a multitude of concerts and appearances with many great Spanish Artists. More recently, Javier participated in the initial selection of TV's "Eurovision 2010" Contest and his song"Volver a vivir" received  more than 4000 votes as well as gaining promotion breaks on radio, television and the Internet for his song.
Currently Javier Ballester's Single "I Want To Break Free" is enjoying a rise in popularity outside of Europe with people all around the World streaming his version of this big Queen hit.
"Volver A Vivir "
Javier Ballester
(TCD 4049)
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More About
Javier Ballester lives in Santander, Cantabria, España.

Javier is an "active" Artist, performing "live" full time in
his native Spain.

Javier was on the TV Talent Show "We Launch You To Fame" in 2009.

His Music Genres are Fusion / Rock / Spanish Pop
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Javier's Spanish Album which features his
Eurovision 2010 song"Volver a vivir"is due out as a Digital Product on June 20, 2011. You can hear & buy it at CD Baby on that Date and at other Sellers a few week's later. The Single "I Want To Break Free" is a Bonus Track on the Album.
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Javier Ballester: Volver a vivir
"I Want To Break Free"
Javier Ballester
(TCS 2113)
"I Want To Break Free" at iTunes HERE
Javier Ballester performs "live"  in Europe.
Song: I Want To Break Free - Single Release (TCS 2113)