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Recording Tips: 2 Improving The Vocal Sound

by Jardene Kellaway on 02/21/11

This tip is going to sound strange but I'm not pulling anyone's leg here because what I'm about to say is TRUE.

To gain a better vocal performance, remember to smile all the time you are singing. Crazy? No! The act of smiling changes the position of your facial muscles which in turn changes the shape of the Chamber within your mouth, thus resonating a better, warmer vocal sound.

Facial expressions while singing is a very effective tool in delivering a warmer, more emotional delivery, thus enhancing the vocal performance over-all. When singing a powerfully emotional song, most successful Performers have all sorts of twisted and tortured expressions on their faces. Joe Cocker is a perfect example. How did he deliver such powerful vocal performances? He did it by changing the facial shape so the muscles contorted and re-shaped the inside of his mouth where the sound is amplified. Those changes in the shape of his vocal chamber delivered the right levels of 'emotion' required to deliver a very convincing performance.

So if the song you are singing has an over-all 'happy' feel to it, smile, smile, smile .. and don't stop smiling til the song is done. The changes may not be noticable to you but they are noticed by the Listener, who is the person(s) you want to convince.

If the song is a story of woe and despair, feel that despair. Mentally 'suffer' that angst, and it will translate into the final vocal delivery heard by your audiences.

So remember: Smiling re-shapes the inside of your mouth which is where your vocal sounds resonate before leaving your mouth.  Change the shape of that chamber and you change the sound and feel of your vocal delivery. Fact! This tip works on both 'live' performances and (even more importantly) when making a 'recording'.

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