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Get The Right Distributor First Time Out

by Jardene Kellaway on 10/11/11

2011 has been a very eventful year for Tree Records. First The Orchard cancelled our Distribution Contract and CD Baby's Staff were neither helpful or professional in their conduct so we looked around and stumbled upon a Texas based Company called Catapult and they are proving very efficent and fast, so, with only a few months left, we are finally back up at iTunes and releasing new material again.

Clearly the Distributor you choose is a very important one. You need a professional attitude, reasonable Charge Rates and effective Sales Reporting. Whatever happened to the plain old $0.70 pricing? Well it's now something like this: $0.063918380025 - Hmm, one needs to be a Rocket Scientist to figure it out, right? You actually made $0.64 USD on that one.

Another thing to study is if the proposed new Distributor specialises in Downloads or Cellphone Streamings. There will always be "Streamings" but the percentages vary greatly. Part of our frustrations with The Orchard was the fact they moved more towards Streamings than Downloadings. This meant sometimes you get just 24c USD for 2459 Streamings (Advertising Assisted). You don't have to be brainy to figure 2459 Downloads will earn you far more than 24c, right?

So from Tree's recent experiences, we highly recommend you look very deeply into who you choose to be your Distributor. They are not all equal by a long shot and some are tops whilst others fall into the 'dodgy' basket. It costs a bit to release a Title and it can take up to 2 years for sales to really start moving into the higher Income bracket so you don't want to end up spending what you made from Distributor #1 on re-listing with Distributors #2 or even #3.

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