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"creating a beautiful mix of soft tone and acoustic charisma....Luke suggests that falling under the acoustic genre puts you at a disadvantage as it is not one of the most popular; however the style in which he plays and sings goes against that totally and could not be further from the truth, there can only be good things to come from this young, fresh singer-songwriter" Jenny Pearce - New Beats Media

"It was great to hear something Fresh and accoustic, the track has a great hook and sounds great on the radio station. His fan base has also sent a huge amount of texts into the radio station since we started to play the track on UK Undiscovered. I'm sure you will be hearing alot more from Luke Thomas"
Craig Pattison - Uk Undiscovered Radio

"Recently went to see Luke Thomas perform at the perfect 5th. Luke held terrific on stage charisma and grew with each song he performed. His unique voice being the stand out for me. The stand out song for me was his recent "Uk Undisovered Number 1" "Floating Leaves". A song sung with great passion and meaning with lyrics not associated with someone so young. Definately a future acoustic talent to look out for"
Craig - Radio Sonar
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  Luke was born in a small town in Somerset, England and attended a small Village School on the outskirts of town in his Primary years and then attended the Secondary School within the township itself.
  Luke was, in his own words, "a quiet Lad who was always found at the back or side of the Class photos and was not looking to stand out from the crowd."
Luke's main influences are Joshua Radin and Howie Day but he is also influenced by all kinds of Bands such as Death Cab For Cutie,  Jimmy Eat World, Munford And Sons. Luke is into Indie Acoustic Folk, Rock and some Pop-Punk.
  He decided he wanted to be a Rock Star so started playing the Electric Guitar for about 7 years before he made a determined 'change' and traded in his old Electric Guitar for an Accoustic one and started writing and performing his own material as a solo artist.
  Just over a year later he was discovered on MySpace by Dene Kellaway, owner of the Tree and Bloomfield Labels who signed Luke to the Bloomfield Label and the rest is in the future.

Above: Luke Thomas relaxing in the Sunshine.
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Other musicans on "Floating Leaves",
"I Remember" and "Tonight" are:
Ben Bowley & Daniel Webber.

Technicians were Ben Bowley (all 4 tracks) and Daniel Webber on all but "This Sad Song".
Cover Design by Darren Evens.
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"Floating Leaves" - Luke Thomas (UK)
Tree Records - TCD 2113

Listen & Buy Luke's music at all the major Digital Music Stores .... This is Luke Thomas !
Luke Thomas is a singer/songwriter from the UK with a unique sound. His music has been described as Acoustic / Folk / Indie and Ballad like in its delivery. His popular song 'Floating Leaves' has featured on radio stations all over the world and reached number 1 in the UK Undiscovered Charts, staying there for 8 weeks.
Above: Luke today, seen performing "Live" in London, where he now resides. If you're in London, catch Luke "live"
A younger Luke, about the time he was signed to our
Bloomfield Label.
Visiting London?

Why not catch Luke "Live" whilst you're there !
Song: "Tonight" - Luke Thomas
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